New Harp & Handbell Publications Are Here!!

Cape Side Music is expanding its Harp & Handbell Series with the publication of 2 new titles!


Three Irish Hymn Tunes for 3 or 5 octaves of Handbells with Celtic Harp. SLANE is an ancient tune named for Slane Hill where St. Patrick lit fires on Easter Sunday. It has been used for numerous hymn settings, the most popular being ‘Be Thou Mt Vision’ and ‘Lord Of All Hopefulness’. ST. COLUMBA is best known as the hymns ‘The King Of Love My Shepherd Is’ and ‘O God, Thou Art The Father’ among others. The arrangement incorporates the traditional Manx tune ‘Padjer Colum Keeilley’ which translates invocation to St. Columba or St. Columba’s prayer. The suite continues with the hymn tune Columcille, the melody John Bell used for his hymn setting of ‘No Wind At The Window’. The melody CLONMEL has been used for everything from an IRA rally song to a Christmas carol. I found it with the more modern hymn titles ‘Now Let Us All, In Hymns Of Praise’, ‘All Beautiful The March Of Days’ and ‘When Stephen, Full Of Power & Grace’.


It’s never too early to start planning for Christmas. Away In A Manger combines the 2 most popular carol melodies pitting the harp against the bells to see which melody will prevail. The arrangement also incorporates the traditional Welsh tune ‘Flow Gently Sweet Afton’ in the harp part.



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