Celtic Charms for Harp and Voice




Celtic Charms came into being as a request from you, my fellow harpers. After leading a workshop on self-accompanied singing, several of the workshop’s participants expressed an interest in having me publish some of my arrangements. I chose these tunes from my recording of the same title for a couple of different reasons: first, there are a wide variety of accompaniments included here from the simple (Lark In The Clear Air, Skye Boat Song, The Bard of Armaugh) for the beginning harper/singer to the more advanced (Down By The Salley Gardens, The Fairy’s Love Song, An Eriskay Love Lilt) for the the more experienced performer or for the beginner to grow into second, the recording is available so you can hear what the accompaniments sound like with voice.

I have also included a few harp solos to provide interest should you decide to perform the entire collection in a program. Additional interest may be added by having a friend play the voice lines on a melody instrument such as flute, violin or recorder. Guitar chords are also included in the vocal selections to enhance ensemble possibilities.

This collection requires a five octave range (C-C), and harps should be tuned in the key of F to prevent retuning while playing. Suggested fingerings and dynamics are included, but please feel free to make these pieces your own by fingering in a manner comfortable for you and by adding your own musical interpretations. A few notes on the tunes are included below. Enjoy!


  • Down By The Salley Gardens
  • Ye Banks & Breas (harp solo)
  • The Lark In The Clear Air
  • The Fairy’s Love Song
  • Kitty Magennis/Colonel Irwin (harp solo)
  • Arran Boat Song (harp solo)
  • The Skye Boat Song
  • An Eriskay Love Lilt
  • The Bard Of Armaugh
  • The Bard Of Armaugh (harp solo)
  • Weel Mack The Keel Row


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