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The Pilgrim Celtic Harp Trio

The Pilgrim Celtic Harp Trio of Cape Cod, MA, formed originally from the monthly harp circle that met at the Pilgrim Congregational Church, which graciously volunteered their meeting space for our sessions. Original Trio members Thom Dutton (the Troubador Harper), Nancy Hurrell, and Chris LaFond began performing together during summer music festivals. After a few years, because of distance and other obligations, Nancy had to withdraw from the group, and we were happy to welcome Tricia Hotchkiss into the trio.

We continue to play at summer music series on the Cape, as well as for other special occasions throughout the year.

In concert, we play a wide variety of music from the traditional Celtic countries: Ireland, Scotland, the Isle of Mann, Brittany, Galicia, Wales, and Cornwall. We also dedicate one portion of each concert to Americana.

Much of our music is arranged for duo and trio by Nancy Hurrell, Thom Dutton, and other contemporary arrangers.

Though we have recorded before, this is our first recording project together, and we are excited and happy to be able to offer you this collection of music from the Celtic countries.

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