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For centuries, societies the world over have used music for relaxation, to bring comfort and to create a healing environment. Join Thom Dutton’s solo harp on this soothing journey through time and across cultures. Perfect for meditation, reading, quiet background music or just for you to relax.

‘Relax’ is SO restful and peaceful…Excellent playing and wonderful choice of music. Absolutely beautiful!’ Mona Peck, President of MHTP.

‘The music is beautiful. It is so centering and peace-filled.’ Theresa Stirling, Labyrinth Guide


  • Voca Angelorum – Arlen Oleson (arr. Thom Dutton)
  • Pas Et Medio – Teilmann Susato (arr. Thom Dutton)
  • Suo Gan – Welsh Lullaby (arr. Darhon Rees-Rohrbacher)
  • Sunrise On The Lake
  • from A Walk In The Woods – Thomas Lyman
  • Chapel In The Pines
  • from A Walk In The Woods – Thomas Lyman
  • Balloo Baleerie – Scottish Lullaby (arr. Thom Dutton)
  • Emerald Eyes – Thalia Cokkinos
  • Separation of Soul From Body/The Elevation – Turlough O’Carolan (arr. Thom Dutton)
  • Quiet In 6/4 Time – Cindy Kleinstuber
  • Si Hei Lwli Mabi – Welsh Lullaby (arr. Thom Dutton)
  • Lament For Blackfox – Christie Saunders
  • A L’entran D’este – Blondel de Nesle (arr. Thom Dutton)
  • Rosin The Beau – Traditional Irish (arr. Nancy Hurrell)
  • Lude’s Supper – Rory Dall Morison or O’Cahan (Arr. William Jackson)


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