Songs from the Pubs of Ireland


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I first set foot in Ireland on February 12, 1999. I spent my first full day in Derry in Northern Ireland. On that first day, I heard Leo Doherty sing ” The Town I Loved So Well” after taking us on a tour of the city he grew up in. I spent that evening playing at Badger’s Pub where the cover photo was taken. It was there that a young man named James came out of the crowd and asked if we knew ” The Green Fields Of France” . He sang it for us as we played. These two songs changed my perception of traditional Irish music forever.

I hope you enjoy these wonderful tunes as much as I do.

The Songs:

  • The Town I Loved So Well
  • Factory Girls
  • Miss MacDermott
  • Famine Medley (Famine Song, Skibereen, City of Chicago, My Green Valleys, The Fields of Athenry, Kilkelly)
  • Lady Athenry
  • From Clare to here
  • The Green Fields of France
  • Mervyn Pratt
  • Freedom Medley (Freedom Sons, Boulavogue, The Glens of Atherlow, Only Our Rivers Run Free
  • Fanny Power
  • Grace
  • Mary from Dungloe
  • George Brabazon

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