A Walk in the Woods



A Healing Journey by Thomas Lyman

  • Trail One: Sunrise On The Lake
  • Trail Two: Gallop
  • Trail Three: Chapel In The Pines

‘A Walk In The Woods’ reflects the healing journey, inspired by my own ‘walk’ with recovery, one that has not come close to closure as of yet. As could be the case with others, dealing with the disabilities associated with a disorder, for me Klinefelters Syndrome, has been one adventure to the next. However, I’m a survivor. A part of that survival can be attributed, not to God alone, but to talent and abilities rendered. My love for the harp, playing the instrument and composing music specifically for the harp, and at times writing for voice or other instruments with harp accompaniment, has helped to keep my world afloat. A friend introduced me to the ‘Lord Stirling Reserve’ in Basking Ridge this past summer and through subsequent return trips, I’ve learned to find ‘peace in nature’, but also walked away with ideas and moods to fit into musical form. There are lakes upon which I’ve witnessed sunrises and sunsets to the symphony of chirping birds. Gallop may not refer to horses, but a flock of wild turkeys comes close to galloping, running away through a forest when approached. Chapel in the Pines recreates the feeling of calm as experienced anywhere throughout the reserve, where I found myself in solitude. Perhaps in the future I’ll compose music picturing the flight of the heron over the lake or the spotting of a red fox! ‘A Walk In The Woods’ is written for my colleague and friend, Stephanie Curcio, whom I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for numerous years. For others, my hope is that either playing this suite or listening will provide hope in your search for a healing in your own ‘walk’. – Thomas Lyman

‘A Walk In The Woods’ is Cape Side Music’s first publication in the growing healing music vein. Inspired by his very own healing journey, Thomas Lyman has created a suite which ‘is VERY effective’. ‘Over all – a very nice work – very playable – and very ‘musical’ (sometimes pieces just don’t sound like much – this is definitely NOT the case)’. ‘I loved the concept of this work and I enjoyed playing it very much. My favorite part is Chapel in the Pines…’ (Quotes are from proof-readers, all of whom are Certified Music Practitioners)

Thomas Lyman studied Harp Performance at the Manhattan School of Music in New York with Lucile Lawrence, and later received a BA in Music Education from Kean University, Union, New Jersey. During the summer of 1968, he attended the National Music Camp, Interlochen, Michigan. Thomas has attended the Somerset Folk Harp Festival for numerous years and also the Baltimore Harp Festival. A former teacher of harp, piano and music theory at Jefferson Performing Arts High School, Elizabeth, New Jersey, he currently resides in North Plainfield, NJ. Thomas has given performances throughout the New York-New Jersey metropolitan area. His NJ credits include ‘A Chorus Line’ at the Union County Arts Center, ‘The Fantasticks’ with ACT IV of Plainfield, and solo performances at the ‘Festival Of Trees’, Lord Stirling Environmental center, Basking Ridge. Currently he performs on the harp and works at musical composition. He has two children, Andrew and Daniel, who are devoted musicians.

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