Torch Song



Four Versions!

Single Staff Version for Beginners Intermediate Version Advanced Version (original composition) Ensemble Version (for 2 or more harps)

” A beautiful, moody and slightly modern lush composition in 7/8 time. Nicely edited with fingerings and dynamic markings. A nice grouping of music.”

Composer’s notes:

The concept for this Thomas Lyman piece began at the first Somerset Folk Harp Festival. In the mood to make a harp purchase, I shopped around, playing several harps. I wanted to play the same piece on each harp for comparison’s sake. About five harps into my search, I had developed this tune that started with a glissando and a left hand part that formed tenths in the bass region. Around harp number twenty, I sat down and played one of the Sassafrass Harps. I must admit that the styling of the harp is what drew me in, but when I started playing it, I knew this one had to be mine! Shawn Drain’s daughter’s name is Alea, and the model of the harp is called Alea. This piece was written with these two ladies in mind.

The Single Staff Version focuses on the treble clef part. Some of this part contains embellished material not present in the other arrangements. I’ve done this in order to keep the tempo moving, whereas the bass clef part would have filled in on the movement of the piece. The Intermediate Version is a less involved arrangement. I feel it worthy to create a less complicated piece for those who had not reached the level of harp playing that the original version of this piece demands. A couple of my harp friends, who are also teachers and directors of harp ensembles, encouraged me to include a ‘duet’ arrangement of any composition that I could translate into a quality multiple harp version. Thus, I have included an Ensemble Version of Torch Song: Alea’s Theme.

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